Bulmers brewery 
is well underway

A new �2.3 million craft beer brewery is being built at Bulmers in Clonmel.

A new �2.3 million craft beer brewery is being built at Bulmers in Clonmel.

The new €2.3 million craft beer brewery that drinks company C&C is building at the Bulmers plant in Clonmel is due to be completed before the summer.

Work commenced some months ago after project approval was granted to build and commission the 100Khl brew house, which will have the capability to expand to 200Khl.

When operational the brewery will be resourced by a master brewer and two operators. It’s understood that this number could grow, dependent on volume.

The Clonmel brewery will be able to produce all types of beer including lagers, ales and stouts.

It will also have malt beverage capability, such as flavoured alcoholic products, and allow C&C to produce craft style beers.

The brewery will enable C&C to develop and produce new products for C&C and attract new contract volumes for brewed and packaged liquids. The group says it also aims to collaborate and support Irish craft brewers.

“The building of a brewing facility at Clonmel is fully aligned with the C&C Group overall business strategy to develop multi-beverage capability”, a company spokesperson stated.

“The investment in Clonmel provides excellent opportunities for the manufacturing site”, the statement added.




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