Carrick playground fence won’t be raised

Town Council management have rejected a councillor’s appeal to raise the height of the fence around Carrick’s newly refurbished playground to prevent teenagers climbing into the facility when it’s closed.

Cllr Sylvia Cooney-Sheehan tabled a motion at the Council’s February meeting requesting the Council to increase the height of the Fair Green playground’s perimeter fence and suggested the Council add on a 45 degree angled railing at the top of the structure.

The playground re-opened on Friday, January 31. The renovations included the repair of the perimeter fence and replacement of 30 of its panels.

Cllr Cooney Sheehan said she had already received phone calls from parents about teenagers climbing the fence and getting into the playground at night. The addition she suggested to the fence would deter them from scaling it.

“One parent asked them to leave and I wouldn’t like to tell you what they told her,” the councillor told the meeting.

Town Clerk Michael O’Brien responded that the Council was satisfied the fence was suitable and there wasn’t any plans to carry out extra works at the playground.

Mayor Cllr Kieran Bourke complimented the Council on the wonderful job it had done on the playground at a very reasonable cost. He said a CCTV camera was now focused on the playground 24 hours a day.

Cllr Cooney Sheehan said she wasn’t happy with the Council’s response and urged management to reconsider. “All I am asking is that we protect the money we spent.”

Mr O’Brien pointed out that the playground was “not an outpost in Afghanistan” requiring high security. He cosidered the fencing issue to be a red herring as most of the vandalism occurred during opening hours with equipment being abused by 5 to 6 children swinging on them.

He pointed out that the playground was in the best location in the town opposite a school, near the Garda Station. library, next to the main road and had CCTV security.




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