Cllr. Murphy calls for action on unfinished Kilsheelan housing estate

Unfinished houses in one South Tipperary estate have caused concerned gardai to contact the local authority on two occasions.

At the council’s January meeting Cllr Michael Murphy called for the bond on Ivowen estate in Kilsheelan to be activated to allow the council to finish the estate.

Cllr Murphy also called for the council to take legal action if necessary “with a view to completing all the outstanding works in the estate so as to allow the council take Ivowen in charge.”

He said that while there had been “significant progress” in the last few years it had been “painstakingly slow” and unfortunately over the last six months it has “come to a standstill.”

Director of Services Matt Shortt was thanked for meeting with a group of residents and accepting a letter from them, prior to the council meeting.

Public lighting, landscaping and water mains are all issues.

Cllr Murphy said one of the more serious aspects of the unfinished estate are three unfinished houses about which the gardai have contacted the council on two occasions, highlighting concerns posed especially to children.

“I agree that we must give the developer every opportunity but if it is the case the developer doesn’t take this seriously we do take measures,” said Cllr Murphy.

The remaining works would require only a fraction of the sum held in the bond, he added, saying that while he welcomed the meeting with the Director there had been “so many false dawns” in the past for the residents.




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