Fethard Walled Town Day - Sunday June 22

The Heritage Council have just notified the Fethard Historical Society that they will again support a celebration of a Medieval Walled Town Day in Fethard in 2014.

The day chosen by the Historical Society is Sunday, June 22, and as in the past seven years, should be another happy and colourful day for families from home and overseas.

Now, that a date and some funding has been confirmed, it means that the news can go out to all Fethard people who are living away from the area that the weekend of June 20 to 22, is the time to come home to join in the fun.

Fethard is a member of The Irish Walled Town Network, an All-Ireland organisation which is supported by our national Heritage Council whose headquarters are in Kilkenny City. Funding is given to towns who celebrate their medieval heritage in an authentic way and a big emphasis is put on the educational content of the programme. This year there will be workshops and classes involving local school children leading up to Walled Town Day and these have proved very popular indeed over the years.

Another ‘condition’ of the funding is that events and celebrations should be attractive to visitors, both from Ireland and overseas, as there is a big drive nationally to try and increase the numbers of people taking holidays in Ireland.

So, Sunday, June 22, will again see Fethard put on its medieval attire, especially for the parade from Main Street to the Valley Park, where people can then join in on all ‘the fun and games of the fair’ along by the Town Wall and Clashawley river. Detailed plans are at present being drawn up and a full programme will be announced in the coming weeks.

Those seeking further information or wishing to getting involved can make contact by emailing history@fethard.com or by phoning 086 3905373.




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