Minister won’t reconsider Bolton Library in Cashel

With the Bolton Library in Cashel due to be transferred to the University of Limerick, Councillor Tom Wood recently called on Minister of State, Deputy Brian Hayes, TD. to reconsider the initial plan which would keep it in Cashel.

Under the original plan it would be taken in charge by the Office of Public Works and the historic link between it, the Cashel Palace and the Rock of Cashel would be strengthened and the collection of some thousands of volumes could remain in Cashel, its rightful home.

In his response, Deputy Brian Hayes acknowledged the very strong case Councillor Wood had made for the reactivation of the Mansergh Plan for the wonderful asset and stated-

”I know that, as a Tipperary man, this must be very close to your heart, and I can certainly appreciate the strength of your feeling in relation to the matter.

However, I am sorry to say that the Commissioners of Public Works do not consider that the project, as it was envisaged previously, is feasible.

The costs are certainly a factor, the budget available to the Office of Public Works for the National Monuments Service has, like most State agencies, been significantly reduced in recent years and such resources as are available must remain focussed on the key aspects relating to the care and maintenance of the National Monuments portfolio and cannot be expended on other projects.

You will appreciate that the Commissioners must have regard in the first instance to their statutory duties under the National Monuments Act and, unfortunately, the Library is not a matter which falls under their remit.”

The Minister of State goes on to assure Councillor Wood that the Commissioners are nevertheless anxious to support the library and will be happy to practically support any measures designed to advance its future,




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