Relief as toilet facilities finally on the way at bus station

a Clonmel businessman has taken over the operation of the retail unit in the Clonmel bus station so not only will commuters be able to enjoy and coffee and a sandwich while they wait for their bus, or after they have travelled for many hours to reach home, they will also be able to avail of much needed toilet facilities.

Eddie Ahearne, proprietor of Suave Cafe in the Gurtnafleur Business Park for almost three years, saw the opportunity that existed at the unit, located in the impressive 20th century Victorian building, dating from the turn of the 20th century and will open a second Suave Cafe in the middle of February, it is hoped. He will create two new jobs and will finally provide the toilet facilities that have been in demand for well over two years. Mr. Ahearne said that he is ready to open the shop but is currently waiting for CIE, which is responsible for the premises, to restore power to the toilets there. Once this is done, Suave Cafe will be open to the public.

Mr. Ahearne has been in talks with CIE since last year in relation to taking over the retail unit and is happy that he will soon be able to open his second coffee shop in Clonmel, while at the same time ensuring that travellers have somewhere to relax and use the toilet.

“I knew that the lack of toilet facilities was an ongoing issue there, so I am glad to be able to cater for that need now,” he said.

The shop will be open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm, but may be closed on Sundays.” “I might open on a two-week trial basis on Sundays. The majority of Sunday bus passengers are students who leave Clonmel late in the evening so it may not be financially viable for the shop to remain open that day,” according to Mr. Ahearne.

Local Fine Gael Cllr Michael Murphy said that he is delighted that Mr. Ahearne will be opening the shop, adding that toilet facilities are essential there for the many people who use public transport from Clonmel - including his own mother, aged 87 years.

“Eddie experienced a lot of obstacles along the way, and I was glad to assist him, he already employs nine people in Clonmel and now will create two further jobs. It may be only two jobs but if there were more people like Eddie there would be a lot more jobs.”

Suave Cafe will sell tea, coffee, newspapers (not magazines), sausage rolls, sandwiches, crisps and chocolate. Chewing gum will not be sold.


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