Sheehy Terrace Clonmel oral hearing date set

A date has been set for an oral hearing to take place on the future of a controversial Clonmel laneway.

Former Limerick City Council manager, Tom Mackey, has been appointed independent inspector when the hearing takes place on February 27 at council chambers on Parnell Street, Clonmel.

The laneway near Sheehy Terrace has been a source of contention for residents living nearby for a number of years.Escalating anti-social behaviour has made life very difficult for people living in Sheehy Terrace, Comeragh Drive, Cuirt and Ri and Comeragh Court.

The Council received 23 submissions, for and against the closure of the laneway. Three of the submissions in favour of its closure included petitions with a significant number of names attached.

The oral hearing will facilitate all those who have made submissions to the council in the past, in relation to the lane’s future, to outline their support for, or opposition to, the lane’s closure.

Town Clerk Ger Walsh said that all those who made submissions will be contacted. But the individuals who made submissions on behalf of a petition of names will have to contact those people themselves.

“The inspector will have a list of names and he will invite those people to speak. These, and written comments, will be taken into account,” said Mr Walsh. The hearing may stretch into a second day (February 28), depending on numbers and will take place from 11am-1pm and 2pm-3pm each day. 
It is expected that the inspector will have a report ready for the April meeting of the Council, but it is not bound by the inspector’s recommendations.




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