Spirit of Tai Chi

Clonmel Tai Chi welcome old friends and new to its new year event. This is a personal invitation to bring a friend and attend the forthcoming workshop on “The spirit of Tai Chi” on Saturday, January 25, 10am - 12.30pm.

Admission free.

In this workshop we discuss the concept and importance of Spirit to tai chi training and how that is integrated into the five trainings of mind, body, spirit, breath and energy (QI).

We explain how these are done together, and we hope to capture your imagination, and “trick” you into training Tai Chi in 2014 ! Understanding spirit, relaxation and breathing are essential and integrated components for a successful life. YMAA Tai Chi Clonmel welcomes beginners and past practitioners alike to this new and invigorating workshop. RSVP by text to : 086 – 255 0845 or to 087 – 741 6336 or you can book into the event on Facebook here by messaging us! Tai Chi– Qi Gong Practitioners deal with circumstances of adversity in their lives and live their lives to their fullest capacity.


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