Torment at end for Fethard and Burncourt

It is hoped that the funding announced this week for major new water schemes at Fethard and Burncourt is the end to the torment and hardship for people in both areas.

In a modern first world country, clean water should be a right.

Yet that hasn’t been the case for years for people living in parts of Tipperary.

Irish people are very generous in funding aid programmes in less privileged parts of the world, including the provision of clean water supplies, so it is quite ironic that they cannot expect the same at home.

The €12.4m funding was announced by Minister Phil Hogan and supported by Ministers of State Tom Hayes and Alan Kelly. The funding allows South Tipperary County Council to award the contract to provide Water Treatment Plants and ancillary works at Cloran, Fethard and Glengarra, Burncourt, which are critical elements of the Burncourt and Fethard Regional Water Supply scheme.

However Independent TD Mattie McGrath has not been as enthusiastic about the news and said he is tired of welcoming such announcements and then nothing happens.

We hope that is not the case this time and that the residents concerned can soon enjoy the luxury of clean water that the rest of us take for granted

Michael Heverin





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