Traffic causing concern at Clonmel Shopping Centre

Cllr. Joe Leahy has concerns about traffic at The Showgrounds Shopping Centre.

Cllr. Joe Leahy has concerns about traffic at The Showgrounds Shopping Centre.

Clonmel Borough Council has been requested to examine the traffic management at the entrance to the Showgrounds Shopping Centre.

The request was made by Cllr. Joe Leahy following a number of recent accidents at the Showgrounds roundabout.

The Borough Council has already painted double yellow lines on the approaches to the roundabout, following an earlier request by Cllr. Leahy, who was concerned that the build-up of traffic in the area was aggravated by parked cars near the roundabout.

This was also causing major problems for the local residents.

“However the yellow lines, while helpful, did not completely resolve the traffic problems”, says Cllr. Leahy.

In response to his current request Clonmel Borough Council has agreed to carry out an overall appraisal to investigate long-term proposals for the location.

The Council will also instal an LED sign to warn advancing motorists of the pedestrian crossing at the site.

It is expected that this sign will be put in place early this year.

“There are several traffic management issues at this particular roundabout that badly need to be addressed”, said Cllr. Leahy.

“I have raised all of them with Clonmel Borough Council and am very pleased that that they are now looking at long-term proposals to resolve what is currently a very dangerous situation.”

Meanwhile local residents have also expressed concern about the large number of shoppers heading to The Showgrounds parking their cars in the area.




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