McGrath calls for the pensions of the ‘untouchables’ to be cut

South Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath has asked the Dail to approve cuts to pensions of senior office holders.

A Private Members Notice of Motion introduced by the South Tipperary Independent TD calling for an end to the current system of paying ‘grossly over generous’ pensions and massive lump sums on retirement to office holders such as cabinet Ministers, Taoisigh, TDs and Senators, senior public servants, State Regulators, members of the judiciary and CEOs of semi State bodies and State funded banks was discussed in Dáil Éireann on Tuesday.

The motion tabled by Deputy McGrath notes the Government’s insistence to Irish Citizens to embrace austerity, the decision to raid ordinary citizens’ pension funds, the threat to end tax relief on ordinary citizens’ pension contributions in the forthcoming budget and the recent changes to the qualifying conditions for the Contributory State Pension.

Speaking about the motion, Deputy McGrath, said that it was time that “the untouchables” were targeted. He said that the country cannot continue to pay huge pensions and retirement lump sums to those in control while heaping more and more austerity on the ordinary citizens of the country.

“The ordinary citizens of this country have taken their hit and are bracing themselves for more cuts come December’s budget, while office holders are left unscathed and continue to receive huge pensions and retirement lump sums. It is unacceptable” said Deputy McGrath


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