Brave Fiona heads for US with best wishes of entire community

Eamonn Lacey

Eamonn Lacey

A twenty four year old Bansha nurse leaves for America on Friday for life saving medical care overwhelmed by the incredible support she has received throughout Tipperary.

Fiona Power, who suffers from a rare brain tumour, will travel to the Emery Clinic in Atlanta with her parents Theresa and Richard on Friday to attend two medical appointments next week.

The clinic provides the ‘last hope’ for Fiona who has battled a pituitary tumour since the age of fourteen.

She has undergone multiple surgeries to remove parts of the tumour but because of its delicate location all of it could not be removed.

Last November Fiona and her family received the devastating news that her tumour had turned malignant and had left deposits in her spine.

The Emery Clinic has a track record in dealing with this rare type of tumour and after her medical documents were sent to America the clinic approved an appointment for her.

Over the last few months her neighbours and friends in Bansha have organised a massive fundraising campaign to assist the Power family which has attracted an incredible response from the public.

“Fiona is going out to America knowing she has the support of her community and the people of Tipperary and that is a massive boost to her. She has been overwhelmed by the response of the public and the incredible generosity people have shown,” said Margaret O’Connell, one of the fundraising committee.

Margaret said the quantity of the messages of support and goodwill received over the last two months had been very moving for Fiona and the Power family.

“Of course everybody is worried and we are hopeful that the Emery Clinic will be able to do something. Fiona is delighted to get the chance to go there because it is her last hope,” said Margaret.

Fiona has two appointments with a medical team that has reviewed her medical history on Monday and Tuesday.

“Nobody expected the Fiona Fund to take off like it did. The response has just been phenomenal. Everything is so expensive over in America and we won’t know until early next week if the clinic will be able to do something for Fiona,” said Margaret.

“When the medical team meet Fiona on Monday and Tuesday they will decide what is the next step for her. At this stage we have no idea if they will operate or not. Their flights are booked with an open return. We have no idea how long Fiona and her family will be there,” said Margaret.

While Fiona is in America the fundraising will continue with walkers, joggers and runners from all over the county expected to converge on Rockwell College this Sunday (3pm) for a Fiona Fun Run.

Donations can be made to the Fiona Power Fund AIB Main Street ,Tipperary Town account number 16598072 sort code 93-53-28