Victorian lighting installation finally reaches completion

The installation of the Victorian street lighting is finally completed after months of delays and engineering problems.

The installation of the Victorian street lighting is finally completed after months of delays and engineering problems.

Tim Ryan, former Chairperson of the Tipperary town Chamber of Commerce explained what problems were encountered in the project.

“When the standards were initially installed it was found that they were not of the necessary integrity to bear the weight of the light brackets and WRTL were instructed to remove and replace them which they duly did,” explained Mr Ryan. “Unfortunately, this resulted in considerable delays but safety is the priority.”

Airtricity were chosen as the main contractors to complete the project and they in turn sourced the lights from WRTL. The project cost is in the region of €100,000 - 75% of the funding for this project came from South Tipperary Development Company with the Tipperary Town Council providing 20% and TIRD/Chamber of Commerce providing 5%. 

Paul Murray, Town Clerk expressed how pleased the Tipperary town Council is that this project has now reached completion.

“Tipperary Town Council is delighted that the long awaited Ornamental Lighting Project has delivered a key piece of infrastructure for the town emphasising the rich architectural heritage that exists, particularly on the main street.

This project has been a positive example of local government co-operation with the local community and the council is most grateful to the TIRD/Chamber of Commerce for their part in taking the lead role. The council would also like to thank South Tipperary Development Company for their support for the project,” said Mr Murray.

“The new lighting will enhance the visitor experience to Tipperary Town and will add value to the objective of enhancing our position in the Tidy Town’s competition and IBAL League in the coming years.”

Tim Ryan Tipperary IRD/Chamber of Commerce previously stated that the Tipperary Chamber are very aware of the general apathetic sentiment that seems to pervade in these difficult times but that is all the more reason that we have to fight for anything that will improve our quality of life and the general perception of our town’.

“We are proud to be associated with this project.  The people of Tipperary have reacted very positively to this addition to our main thoroughfare and the streetscape will be even more impressive during the summer months when we will place hanging baskets on the lanterns,” added Mr Ryan. 

“We gratefully acknowledge the support of South Tipperary Development Company and Tipperary Town Council during this project the end result of which is an eye catching addition to the centre of our wonderful town.” he said.