Kids hit the charts with Childline fundraiser song

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Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

On November 1, “SOLITAIRE – A SONG FOR CHILDLINE” was released into the Irish charts in aid of CHILDLINE’s milestone 25 year anniversary, with all proceeds going to Childline.

110 Irish children ranging from three to thirteen years of age, that attended Starcamp Summer Camps all over Ireland, gathered with STARCAMP leaders, musicians, photographers, videographers and technicians to record the single in Cork’s impressive School of Music.

The children worked so hard to learn the song and gave it 110% on the day.

The hard work and dedication from everyone involved over the recent months has really been reflected in the track and it is something they can be incredibly proud of for the rest of their lives.

The single is available to download from iTunes for 99c.


Aideen O’ Grady