Marlfield Village News

Village Meeting

Village Meeting

A meeting of the Marlfield Village Committee takes place on Monday night 21st January in St Patrick’s Chapel at 8pm. Please note the time and date of the meeting and communicate with the other members of the committee.

Dawn Chorus

Eight O Clock is the start of the dawn chorus in Marlfield as all our feather friends mark their presence with song. While the sounds are a little muted at present they are increasing in number and volume with each passing day. How they know that the winter solstice has passed and the time for family matters is at hand is one of the enduring mysteries of nature. Worth spending a few minutes at the grove and listening to the myriad of different calls and song and all for free.

Good start

A good start was made to the cleaning of Marlfield Burial Grounds on Saturday morning when volunteers started the clean up. The Trojan work of William Denn last year last year in cutting and cleaning the heavy undergrowth had shown what is possible. Heaping and raking of the ground to encourage grass growth and prevention of briar regrowth is vital and it needs muscle power to do this task. Saturday morning at Marlfield Chapel for a Meitheal bring some gardening tools and protective gear.