Blessing of Babies Next Sunday, the 13th, the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord, we will have a blessing of babies baptised in the Parish last year. Older babies are also welcome. Our ceremony will commence be at 3.00pm.

Christmas Collection Thanks to all who contributed so generously to the Christmas Collection for support of the Bishop, Priests of the Diocese and Priests of the Parish. If you have forgotten to return your envelope it would be appreciated if you could hand it in to the Sacristy or Priests House as soon as possible.

Wedding Bells Congratulations to Dean Butler, Roaring Springs and Priscilla Doyle, Killenaule who were married in Killenaule last Monday. Congratulations also to Sean Daly, Dromain & O’Connell Street and Adah Lynch, Kilsheelan who were married in Kilsheelan last Thursday. We wish Dean & Priscilla, Sean & Adah many years of married happiness and togetherness.

Christmas Celebrations Celebrating Christmas is always a highlight of the Liturgical year. Many people come together to prepare and set the scene. It is one of the many occasions when a Parish is seen as a participating, sharing, celebrating community. To our choirs who enhanced our liturgies: -The Gospel Choir who sang at the 5.30 children’s Mass, Our Senior Choir who sang at the 8.00 Vigil Mass and also the 12.00 Mass, Our Folk Choir who sang at the 10.30 Mass. At the 5.30 Mass, Sally Quinlivan lit the Christ Candle and Maeve Madden carried the infant to the Crib. At the 8.00 Mass: Jack Moroney carried the infant and Saoirse Galvin lit the Christ Candle. At the 10.30 Mass: Lisa O’Brien lit the Christ Candle. We thank them all for their participation and enhancement of our liturgical celebrations. We also thank Santa Claus who took a break from his trip around the world to drop in to our 5.30 Mass. Thanks also to the junior Liturgy team, and the young children from Edel Millea’s Montessori School who narrated and performed the story of the Nativity of Jesus at the 5.30 Mass.

Found in Church

Set of car keys (Nissan) found in the Church on Christmas Eve and can be picked up in the Sacristy