Landy insists on policy changes

Senator Denis Landy has re-affirmed his stance against overhead pylons.

Senator Denis Landy has re-affirmed his stance against overhead pylons.

He insists that government policy must be changed to take account of new technologies.

This week he exlained his voting in the Seanad last week when he abstained on two motions, one of them a government motion.

The Labour Senator believes that the only chance he has of changing government policy is by ‘being inside the tent’ rather than outside it.

Landy also stressed that Senator Ronan Mullen’s Private Members Motion on Wednesday night on undergrounding was nothing more than a sentiment, a sentiment that Landy maybe agrees with, but he argued, Mullen’s motion wanted cabling to go ‘underground where possible’.

The Carrick on Suir based Senator outlined how Senator John Kelly and himself met Minister Rabbitte for an hour and a half on Wednesday morning, and had looked for a stronger counter motion, which would have stated that cabling would go ‘underground where necessary’, and not where possible.

Landy went to volunteer that when Kelly and himself didn’t get that commitment from the Minister, they clearly told him that they were going to abstain on the vote.

This meant, according to Landy, that while they did abstain on Senator Mullen’s motion, they also abstained on the government counter motion, which in effect, meant they defied government policy.

Labour Senator Landy insisted that both motions were too weak, as they didn’t deal with the devaluation of people’s property, nor the fact that some of these properties were going to be sterilised because of the pylons, and finally, neither dealt with the health implications for the ordinary decent people involved in all of this.

Landy reckoned that Senator Mullen just wanted Landy to lose the party whip by 
voting for Mullen’s motion, but Landy maintains that then his voice would never be 
heard within Government on this issue.

Landy says he will continue to campaign on this issue, bearing in mind that this project will not be coming to fruition for a number of years, and that time is on his side.