New Tipperary business competition offers opportunity to budding entrepreneur

The search is on for Tipperary Town’s Entrepreneur of 2013.

The search is on for Tipperary Town’s Entrepreneur of 2013.

A unique competition to the town, it was formally launched by Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food in Tipperary Technology Park earlier this month and the full details were revealed to members of Tipperary Town Council at their November meeting on Monday night.

Addressing the members of Tipperary Town Council, the main organiser of the competition, Tina Mulhearne of South Tipperary Development Company, outlined the competition and the rules.

She explained that they were offering an opportunity for up to fifteen people to avail of training and also to provide them with the skills to start their own business which in turn would improve their chance of having a successful business.

Ms. Mulhearne continued that the competition will provide a safe and protected environment to get their ideas off the ground. Throughout the four month period competitors may change their ideas or they may even enter into collaborations with other competitors.

She explained that there were very few rules of entry in that all applicants must be over 18 years of age, the business idea must not be in competition with an existing business in the locality, all applicants must be literate and educated to Junior Certificate Level or FETAC (Level 3) equivalent, applicants cannot be in full time employment, they can be redundant or under threat of redundancy, part-time workers, farm assist or unemployed. She said there were other rules which could be checked on their information leaflet which has been distributed around the town.

She explained that the winner of the competition will received a Business Start-Up Support Package which have been sponsored by Tipperary Businesses and will include; Legal Services, HR Services, IT Services, Printing, Public Relations, Branding i.e. Logo design, personal profile picture, Mentoring including 50 hours advice on funding and other aspects of business management, Accountancy Services, Website hosting, Membership of TIRD/Chamber, Broadband Services and Membership ISME.

Describing the response to date to the competition, Ms. Mulhearne said that they have received eighteen definite applicants to date and they were very happy with the calibre of applicant.

Asked by Cllr. Anna Touhy Halligan if the applicants were being restricted to Tipperary town only, she replied that they have had applicants from Tipperary town, Bansha, Golden and Clonmel so far. However she said they will be giving preference to Tipperary town applicants.

Again Cllr. Touhy Halligan asked why Tipperary was chosen for this competition, Ms. Mulhearne explained that it is the remit of South Tipperary Development Company to enhance rural Tipperary and that there is high percentage of unemployment in Tipperary and hopefully the new business will be successful and that there will be employment developed from this competition.

She also explained that unsuccessful applicants will not be forgotten about and that they will re-directed into other programmes offered by South Tipperary Development Company or other suitable agencies. In relation to the successful applicants who may not win the overall competition she said they will also continue to offer them support and help.

Welcoming the competition Mayor Ruadhri Devitt described it as fantastic initiative and opportunity for the people of Tipperary. He said that it would provide a great boost to people’s self-esteem and worth.

Councillors Jacqui Finnan, Billy Bourke, Anna Touhy Halligan and Denis Leahy also welcomed the competition for the town.

To register your interest or to seek further information, please contact Tina Mulhearne on 086 8364645 or