Cooney Roadmac Ltd offers imaginative way to recycle tarmacadam

Cooney Roadmac Ltd is a new company recently set up in South Tipperary by a local experienced businessman James Cooney, Derrygrath, Clonmel. Roadmac Ltd has been established for the purpose of recycling tarmacadam and asphalt. This is usually removed from roads, carparks, industrial area, trenches, footpaths etc., or material that is left over from various works. This material is generally used at present for trunking and filling by contractors and local authorities etc.

An exciting new machine has come on the market called a veb asphalt recyclycer 5000 and James Cooney is delighted to have this machine. This recycles waste road surface materials, thus reducing the cost of road repairs, reinstatement works, road crossings for local authorities and contractors in these difficult economic times.

James has worked in the road making business for the past 18 years, laying road materials with local authorities and construction companies in Tipperary and beyond. He was mostly involved in road repairs and reinstatement work. James always held the view that the materials that were taken from the road, i.e. old tarmac and asphalt could be re used again for repairs if only it could be re heated and recycled.

It is too valuable a material to be used as filling which was the case, mainly because there was no other way, he said. Having carried out a lot of research into recycling, James discovered that there was a company in the UK that had the world patent for the manufacture and sale of a recycler suitable for what he needed. James contacted them and they invited him over for a demonstration using the veb 5000, recycling broken chunks of tarmac and asphalt planings for re-use on road repairs with the local council.

While James was there, he worked with this material and was amazed at the quality of what it was producing. One of the engineers from the local authority that was involved in the design of the machine, told James that the material was top quality and was helping them save thousands on their road repairs programme. The engineer then went on to tell James that at the time, when local authorities were experiencing huge financial difficulties, the recycler offers an alternative source of quality material for road maintenance and repairs at a much lower cost without compromising the quality of our work. Not only are they reducing the amount of waste but contributing to the overall environment.

Having seen this machine in operation, and got as much technical information as James needed, he decided to set up Cooney Roadmac Ltd. t/a Roadmac. His aim was to start a recycling company in Tipperary to offer a service to the local authority and contractors in the area.

The veb asphalt recycler can be used at night time to carry out work in towns, factories, hospitals, and for repairs that need to be done after normal working hours, especially at weekends. The problem facing councils and contractors carrying out emergency work after normal hours is the availability of small amounts of material at the proper temperature, and as a result, temporary work must be done to ensure traffic flow. This will not be the case using recycled material. The work can be done permanently saving time and money.

With all that in mind, Roadmac decided to purchase a veb 5000 asphalt recycler, the first machine of its kind in Ireland, from RSL Recycling U.K. There was considerable investment involved in the purchase of this machine, James added. They approached South Tipperary Development Company and drew up a business plan for their consideration in the hope that they would support such a venture. After many meetings and interviews with the company about this project which was new to Ireland, they offered to support this new business.

James is no stranger to running a business. As well as starting his recycling business James has taken over his dad Timmy Cooney’s business and he looks forward to carrying on the successful hard working ethics his dad instilled in him.

James decided to start up Cooney Roadmac with his partner Linda as with his experience, knowledge and passion for what he does alongside with the current econmic climate it was clear to him recycling tarmacadam was the way to go. He was always on the lookout for new ways to bring tarmacadam restoration to another level and for new methods of recycling old road materials into new reusable materials. As a tarmacadam contractor he can now give people the choice between NEW tarmac and OLD.

His unique selling point is that if someone had a driveway or laneway and couldn’t afford or didnt want to spend money on NEW tarmac that the recycler would be an excellent choice for them. It is cost saving for the County Councils on our much needed road repairs...

James also has Rubber Wheeled excavator,Tractor Trailer, Paver and lowloader for hire. For more information call to Cooney Roadmac ltd.

As managing director of Cooney Roadmac Ltd., James would like to thank South Tipperary Development Company, the management and staff for their help and the professional way they helped the company to get started in this business. Also thanks to John Cooney and staff of Bank of Ireland, Clonmel for all their help.

James can be contacted at Cooney Roadmac Ltd, Derrygrath, Clonmel, Co.Tipperary. His contact numbers are 0862649932 and 052 6138784 or email