Marlfield Village



Congratulations to Greg Price on his election as chairman of the St Mary’s Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council is the body where the clergy and the lay members discuss and action the many varied tasks in the running of a very large parish.

Greg will be bringing his experience and skills to his new post as he takes over from Joe McCormack who did Trojan work in chair for many years.


Marlfield Stargazers were out recently and have the ideal location for searching the skies for the greatest free show at night. Jupiter is presently very visible and on a recent sky watch all four moons were identified. With an easily accessible location in the village and clear night skies expect to see more of this very old pastime.

With today’s light pollution and use of transport with powerful lights we are missing what our parents were familiar with as they walked and cycled on our unlit roads.

Nearly There

The task of raking and gathering the weeds and other rubbish in Marlfield burial grounds is nearly done. The next task is the removal of the heaps and their disposal.

However the first bit is nearly done but the next task is to put a maintenance structure in place to prevent a reoccurrence of the briars and weeds. This will need addressing by a dedicated group who will ensure that this historic burial grounds is maintained properly.

Community Wheelie Bins

Marlfield Village Committee has secured the free use of the community bins for the coming year. St Tipperary Co Council Environmental Section have arranged with Country Clean to lift the bins on a fortnightly rota as part of their normal bin collection. The bins are located in different areas of the village and committee members look after acceptance of community waste and the putting out of bins on bin day.