Kelly and McGrath clash again in North/South row

Eamonn Lacey

Eamonn Lacey

Government junior minister Alan Kelly and South Tipp TD Mattie McGrath have clashed again on the plan to locate the VEC headquarters in Nenagh and a sub office in Clonmel.

After being accused of being arrogant by Deputy McGrath after suggesting there would be ‘minimal inconvenience for those staff’ who may have to transfer from Clonmel to Nenagh, Minister Kelly said Deputy McGrath was just playing politics.

Minister Kelly said he did not appreciate Deputy McGrath ‘playing on vulnerable people’ and it was not the right way to conduct himself in politics.

“Deputy McGrath has shown an ignorance about the solution found for the merger of North and South Tipperary VECs. He is trying to play politics but this is the best solution for Tipperary,” insisted Minister Kelly.

Minister Kelly said he had fought to ensure there was a headquarters and a sub office for Tipperary something which other counties did not have.

“This is a better solution than the Fianna Fail one Deputy McGrath was in favour of when he was still in that party,” said the North Tipp minister.

This week Deputy McGrath said Minister Kelly could not have it both ways, He could not go around boasting the headquarters were in Nenagh up in North Tipp and then tell everybody down in South Tipp to be happy with a sub office.

“He is the one playing politics, using his clout to take away institutions and services from South Tipp to North Tipp and boasting about it up there. He cannot ride two horses at the one time,” said Deputy McGrath.