Helping people fight insolvency and debt

Hibernia Insolvency Solutions, Ireland’s newest firm of Personal Insolvency Practitioners, has announced the launch of its Personal Insolvency and Debt Advisory Services.

Hibernia Insolvency Solutions, Ireland’s newest firm of Personal Insolvency Practitioners, has announced the launch of its Personal Insolvency and Debt Advisory Services.

Frances O’Hanlon and John O’Connor are two of the nine qualified Personal Insolvency Practitioner’s (PIPS) announced nationwide this week.

The business was established earlier this year by a group of Tipperary-based financial experts on foot of the long-awaited Personal Insolvency legislation which finally passed in to law in December, 2012.

The Personal Insolvency Act will pave the way for thousands of deeply indebted Irish people to be freed from the shackles of unsustainable personal debt, severe restraints on their standards of living, often to the point of subsistence, and heartbreaking tales of family distress that have pervaded Irish life for over five years. By dealing sensitively, efficiently and effectively with these devastating multiple burdens, the highly-skilled and vastly-experienced team of experts at Hibernia will lead those faced with seemingly insurmountable financial difficulties back on the road to personal peace of mind and financial freedom.

Speaking at the launch, at Hibernia Insolvency Solutions, Frances O’Hanlon, said that, “having worked tirelessly over the past five years in lobbying the government to enact this vital legislation, she and her colleagues are delighted that their efforts to offer swift and effective solutions to individuals who have been desperately seeking assistance from banks, lending institutions and government agencies have finally come to fruition and will now be supported by a comprehensive and relevant legal framework.

“Hibernia Insolvency Solutions has been established to provide solid, effective and dependable financial advice to some of the estimated 15,000 people who are expected to benefit from the recently enacted Personal Insolvency legislation in the first year alone.

“Having been authorised and licensed as PIPS by The Insolvency Service of Ireland - the supervisory body that has been established under legislation - we will now be able to move forward without delay and help people in severe financial difficulty to resolve their debt issues without having to resort to the much-maligned realm of bankruptcy.

“As four highly-respected financial experts with a wealth of knowledge and several decades of combined experience in the areas of taxation, accountancy, banking, personal finance, and financial advice, we believe that our industry expertise, tailor-made services, and sensitive, one-to-one approach to finding the most appropriate solution available will prove invaluable to the thousands of stressed and highly-indebted people who, until now, have felt that they have been left rudderless and at the mercy of financial institutions.”

Since the publication of the Personal Insolvency legislation earlier this year, the team has been inundated with queries from people across Ireland that have heard of their unrivalled reputations and unwavering commitment to the delivery of outcomes that prioritise clients.

O’Hanlon continued: “Throughout the personal insolvency and debt advisory process, we will not only help our customers to regain control of their finances through the preparation of a detailed analysis of their current financial position but will work with them to identify key problem areas, advise them of the available options that will help them to make informed decisions and put a viable plan in place to secure their pathway to long-awaited financial freedom.”