Tipperary's Lauren encourages students to get involved in college life

Tipperary's Lauren encourages students to get involved in college life

Rosegreen’s Lauren Hayde is encouraging first year students to make the most of their college experience.

The past Cashel Community School graduate says students should get involved with various clubs, societies or even become a class rep.

“It’s something that you won’t ever forget and will be with you for the rest of your life. It will also make college a much more enjoyable experience,” the legal studies students at WIT explains.

Lauren joined different clubs, societies, became a member of the welfare crew, and helped out at various events for different campaign weeks to help her settle into college life. She is the current Students’ Union Entertainment Officer, as voted by her peers at WIT.

“I was a member of the local boxing club in Waterford which affiliates with the college. I was a member of the Equestrian club in WIT and helped in the signing up of new students for the club and organising lessons weekly. I was also a class rep in first year and this stood to my college life immensely. I got to meet other people from different courses and I got to help my own class out with any issues they had,” she continues.

Lauren has lived in shared student accommodation for the past two years of college and explains the benefits of living away from home.

“Firstly you’re getting the chance to move to a new place away from home, you get the chance to learn how to be dependent and experience something new. You get to meet new friends and housemates that could turn out to be friends for life. You’re close to college which will help you in case you need to use the library; this is one thing that helped me immensely when I had an assignment to complete, if I needed a book or had print something,” she adds.

Pictured above is Lauren Hayde.