New funding for enterprise training in Tipperary with Skillnets

New funding for enterprise training in Tipperary with Skillnets

Skillnets – the national agency responsible for funding and supporting training networks – has announced  a new training fund that will support businesses by addressing skills needs.

A group of businesses from the same sector or region can collectively apply to establish a Skillnets training network, and draw down funding for  training.

Established training networks enable groups of businesses to work together to determine their own training needs and how, when and where training will be delivered.  

Skillnets operates under a joint investment model whereby training networks can apply to receive up to 50 per cent of the cost of training from Skillnets, the remainder of costs are funded from participating businesses in the network. 

Skillnets already supports more than 60 training networks in a wide range of sectors including life sciences, manufacturing, information technology, food/beverage, financial and agriculture, and mixed sectoral training networks across many regions.

The first closing date for the new funding call is April 3rd, with a second closing date later in the year on October 3rd.

For groups of businesses interested in developing a new training network and applying for the training fund, full details are available on or direct contact can be made with a member of the Skillnets team: / 01-2079630.