'Brains not Brawl' Campaign at Cashel Community School

'Brains not Brawl' Campaign at CCS

Transition year students in Cashel Community School are taking part in the Young Social Innovators programme this year. Their project entitled “Brains Not Brawl” aims to highlight the serious implications for young people if they are involved in an assault. The ambitious project hopes to encourage young people to examine the effects of alcohol on the brain and also the consequences of getting involved in an assault. The students learned about the An Garda Síochána campaign titled 'Use Your Brain Not Your Fists' targeted at males aged between 18 and 39 in September and decided they wanted to play their part and educate young people in their school.

Recently students met with HSE Drugs Education Officer John Leahy to learn more about the implications of abusing alcohol and the dangers of street violence, they also invited Sgt Carol O'Leary into the school who explained about the ramifications of assault and the life changing effects an assault can have on the victim and their family. The students will encourage young people to think carefully and be responsible young adults especially when they are socialising. The students are busy coming up with innovative ideas in their YSI weekly classes to create awareness around this important topic.