Tipperary Heritage Trail has wealth of information about Marlfield village

New brochures launched at the Town Hall


Marlfield Lake

The Marlfield Village Committee and friends were guests of the District Mayor at the Town Hall recently when Mayor Andy Moloney formally launched the Marlfield Village Heritage Trail.

The information book and brochures were produced by the committee as part of its commitment to inform and protect the heritage and environment of the historic village.

The attendance at the function was an indication of the commitment of the villagers and friends to this project.

The Heritage Trail starts at St. Patrick's Chapel and has ten information panels on the different aspects of the village's heritage, from the Famine Walls, Marlfield Lake, the Distillery and Mill to St. Patrick's Well and the champion trees.

This trail can be walked, with the map in the brochure as the guide, or can be driven from St. Patrick’s Well, as it is four kilometres in length.

The brochures are being distributed to hotels, bed and breakfasts, shops and pubs. Brochures and guide books will be presented to all schools, libraries and tourist offices.

The Marlfield Village Committee thanks everyone who played a part in the venture and in particular Tipperary County Council, which helped with funding.

The next project in Marlfield will be the village scrapbook, which is already under way.

Anyone who requires a brochure or further information should contact the Marlfield Committee chairperson, Kathleen Hogg or secretary Bernard Lennon at 086-2937220.

The guide and enlarged map in the notice board at the village end of the Lake may be viewed as a quick reference anytime.