WATCH: Tipperary has new litter-busting heroes - the Two Johnnies

"There’s a Loop the Loop on the ground in Ballyporeen"

The 2 Johnnies

The 2 Johnnies

“There’s no litter in this county we don’t know about” warn Tipperary’s two newest litter-busting heroes in their latest video!

The 2 Johnnies, more well known for their catchy Tipperary  hurling inspired raps, have joined up with Tipperary County Council to encourage us all to Keep Tipperary Tidy. 

In their new video they sing a heartbreaking tale of meeting a lovely girl – but her littering means their love is doomed!

Litter wardens Johnny and, err, Johnny are also seen to take an emergency littering call…. “there’s a Loop the Loop on the ground in Ballyporeen...”

Well done to Tipperary County Council!