Man called to collect laptop from ex-girlfriend armed with baseball bat

Suspended Sentence

Clonmel courthouse

Clonmel Circuit Court

A four years suspended prison sentence has been imposed at Clonmel Circuit Court on a 32 year-old Latvian man, who entered a house in Tipperary town armed with a baseball bat and assaulted a Romanian man in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Judge Tom Teehan imposed the sentence on Edgar Mednis of No. 14 Cashel Rd., Tipperary at the latest session of Clonmel Circuit Court for entering No. 49 Rosanna Rd., Tipperary on April 4 last year as a trespasser and committing an assault causing harm. He pleaded guilty to the offence.

The court heard that Mednis was hospitalised after the incident for injuries he suffered in the incident.

Gda. Sgt. Eoin Doyle told the court he and Gda. Pat Ahern were called to a house at Rosanna Close, Tipperary Town on April 4 last year. A man holding a baseball bat had walked into the house and assaulted one of the occupants.

When they arrived, they saw a large amount of blood on the hall floor and walls. Gigi Ghizdau, who had good English, informed them a friend of his had been assaulted. The gardai spoke to the Romanian man, Sorin Sobin Radutou, who had been assaulted and took statements.

It became clear that the man, who entered the house was Edgar Mednis. The baseball bat was standing against the hallway wall. The gardai seized the bat along with Mr Radutou's clothing.

Meanwhile, Edgar Mednis reported to gardai that he had been assaulted.

Sgt. Doyle said they met him at his home at Cashel Rd.. He was in an ambulance being treated for his injuries.

Sgt. Doyle told the court Mednis received the injuries at the house where he inflicted the injuries on Radutou.

It was unclear, who inflicted the injuries on Mednis. It was alleged that Mednis was assaulted by the injured party and other male occupants in the house with the baseball bat that was taken from him.

Sgt. Doyle said a cautioned statement was taken from him and he was arrested the following day after returning from hospital. He was detained and interviewed at Tipperary Garda Station.

Sgt. Doyle said it appeared Mednis and Tamara Zadorina, a woman present at the Rosanna Road house, were previously in a relationship.

At the time of the incident, Ms Zadorina was in a relationship with Radutou. Mednis had been seeking the return of a laptop in Ms Zadorina's possession. Text messages were exchanged and he told her he would call for the laptop. When he arrived at the house, he had a baseball bat in his hand.

Ms Zadorina turned around and went into the house. He then left the house and shortly afterwards received another text message. He returned and entered the house with the baseball bat. Mednis claimed he was assaulted by a number of men.

Photos were produced to the court showing the baseball bat, the blood on the floor, walls and outside the door of the Rosanna Close house and injuries to Mr Radutou. Photos showing injuries sustained by Mednis to his head, left arm and hand were also presented.

A medical report on Radutou's injuries outlined that he suffered a small cut to his left ear and bruising to his arms, neck and back.

A Victim Impact Statement prepared in March was read to the court. It outlined that Mr Radutou missed three days of work and lost €210 in wages. He suffered from nightmares, difficulties with sleeping, panic attacks, memory loss and difficulties concentrating.

Mr Radutou said he checked the house door was closed three times per night and has also become isolated from friends.

Defence barrister Edward O'Mahony BL said there were no charges brought in relation to the assaults committed on his client. While the photos showed quite a lot of blood, Mr Radutou didn't suffer a huge amount of blood injuries.

Prosecuting barrister David Humphries pointed out that charges weren't brought against anyone else involved in the case as they would have been covered by legislation that allows people to defend themselves in their home.

In relation to his client's behaviour, Mr O'Mahony said Mednis told gardai when he was being interviewed that when he left the house the first time, he got a text message from Ms Zadorina asking him to phone her. When he did call, Mr Radutou answered the phone and began shouting in Romanian at his client.

He returned to the house because he was concerned for Ms Zadorina's welfare and thought she was in distress. It turned out that she wasn't and he made a very ill judged decision to return. While Mednis did enter the house with a baseball bat, Mr O'Mahony stressed it was not a "one-sided affair" and Mednis suffered serious injuries at the hands of other people.

He pointed out that there was some discrepancy in the accounts given by the occupants of the Rosanna Close house, so his client's admissions to gardai carried some additional weight.

A letter of apology from Mednis was handed to the gardai a few weeks before the court hearing to pass onto Mr Radutou. Mednis fully co-operated with gardai and a Probation Report described his actions as out of character and rated him as a low risk of re-offending.

Mr O'Mahony outlined that Mednis had a partner in Latvia and was involved in the welfare of her children. He was also responsible for the welfare of his mother. He was a qualified carpenter who primarily drove machinery for a living. It was his intention to return to Latvia.

At Judge Teehan's request, Mednis gave an undertaking to the court that Ms Zadorina and Mr Radutou had nothing to fear from him in the future.

Sentencing Mednis, the Judge said he took account of the impact this incident had on Mr Radutou but he took the view he was a robust individual and was capable of defending himself with the help of others.

He accepted Mednis didn't go to Ms Zadorina's home with an overtly offensive attitude and carried the baseball bat initially for defensive purposes.

Judge Teehan also accepted that from the photos he had seen, Mednis suffered more than Mr Radutou in terms of physical injuries. And he took into account his guilty plea, his good work ethic and the Probation Report assessment of him.

He suspended the four year prison sentence on condition Mednis entered into a bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour and not approach Ms Zadorina or Mr Radutou unless at their friendly invitation. He also directed Mednis to pay €1000 compensation within 12 months from the date of the sentencing hearing.