Cahir's Inch Field tree trail

Ribbon cutting next week

Cahir's Inch Field tree trail

Tree Trail will be a guide people around the Inch Field

Cahir Tidy Towns has introduced new flower planters to the town in a bid to increase marks in the national competition this year.

The Tree Trail in the Inch Field is complete now and Philip and Liz Quinn have done a great job creating beautiful sculptures out of the trees that fell during the bad storm two years ago and these have created a new lease of life to the Inch. The cutting of the ribbon on the trail is planned for Wednesday, 21st June at 4pm.

It's great to see so that so many kids are adding doors and other pieces to the Fairy Trail and we encourage this.

Over the next few weeks we are asking everyone to help us out in the tidiness area and hopefully we will impress the judges whose visit is imminent. We are hoping to get an environmental plan put in place over the next few months with the help of Leader funding. This would focus our workload in areas in which we are weak. This is not about Tidy Towns but it's about making the town a better place to work, live and play and the higher we go, the more interest in the town there is from visitors if we can achieve an award.

We continue to meet at 7pm on Wednesdays in Market Yard.