Tipp Town students transform school wasteland into fairy grove

Tipp Town students transform school wasteland into fairy grove

Do you believe in fairies? Asked some of the pupils of St. Joseph’s Primary School. Well whether you do or not they now have a fabulous new home in the new Fairy Grove in St. Josephs that would attract fairies far and wide from all over Ireland.


During the last week of the school term, excitement was building as the pupils of St. Joseph’s anticipated the opening of the new Fairy Grove. Indeed, such was the excitement that many children turned up as fairies for the last day of school fancy dress. The air was buzzing with the sound of fairy wings and little giggles could be heard all over the school playground.

Principal Ms. Tobin told the children how she saw a beautiful Fairy Grove in Bunratty Folk Park and how she wished for one in St. Joseph’s Primary School.

 When Ms. Tobin got back to school she wished for a small pot of gold, lots of helpers and all the things fairies need to set up a home in St. Josephs. Sure enough the fairies heard her and soon 16 wizards came to help the lead Wizard Pat Ahern, the school caretaker, and all of them worked on an overgrown patch of wasteland to create a new home for the fairies.

 The 150 pupils of St. Josephs and over 20 pre-schoolers in Joseph Beag and Totally Kids named the trees, found the best places for the fairies to have their homes and they came up with great ideas to have everything just right. Many mums and dads found lovely bits and pieces and sent them in to school to decorate the Fairy Grove.

 St. Joseph’s and the fairies wish to thank the caretaker lead wizard Pat Ahern and all the volunteers who made their new home possible including: Tom Gleeson, Martin O’Reilly, Pat O’Grady, Viga V, Ursula Flynn, Eoin Bresnan, Anthony Crosse, John Roache, Ian Quinlan, Jerry Cotter and teachers Mr. McEvoy, Ms. Redfern, and Ms. O’Brien.

 “We received many donations and contributions and we also received a pot of gold accessed through Cllr. Mary Hannah Hourigan who also came to officially open the Fairy Grove,” said Principal Ms. Tobin. “This fairy tale has no ending as the Fairy Grove story is only just beginning. Very soon our fairies will move in and the pupils of St. Josephs will spend many, many hours playing in the Fairy Grove - a great place for make believe and imagination.”