Virgin Media bring free public wifi to Clonmel town centre

Virgin Media bring free public wifi to Clonmel town centre

Free public wifi for Clonmel.

In a major digital upgrade programme, Virgin Media today unveiled plans to introduce free public Wifi to citizens in Clonmel so that everyone will experience its superfast Wifi at first hand.  

 The move forms part of Virgin Media’s network expansion which will provide new digital services for customers in Clonmel.

The initiative by Virgin Media has already benefited other towns across Ireland including Drogheda, Enniscorthy, Gorey, Tullamore, Kildare and Greystones where people are also enjoying free public Wifi from Virgin Media.

 Free public access Wifi provides many social and economic benefits including open Internet access on streets for shoppers, tourists, students and the general public. It will be made available by Virgin Media in the town centre covering the zone between Gladstone Street, O’Connell Street, Mitchel Street and Sarsfield Street.

 As an example, in Kildare for the month of June, the town recorded over 4,500 people using Virgin’s free Wifi service - downloading a massive 1,200 gigabytes of data (1.2 Terabytes).  That would be the equivalent of more than 720 hours of video a month,  uploading 72,000 high resolution photos to the Internet,  over 2 billion tweets on Twitter or listening to 18,000 hours of music online, as well as general browsing on the web.

 In a parallel move, Clonmel’s analogue television service is also being replaced by a digital signal in line with the rest of Europe to enable a wide range of new digital TV services.

Virgin TV offers more channels and different ways to watch, either subscription or pay per view and all seamlessly in one box with the ability to record four programmes at the same time, while watching a fifth.

In addition, customers have the opportunity to access Netflix on the Virgin platform. The addition of Netflix complements Virgin Media's ever-expanding collection of On Demand entertainment, all ready to watch instantly. Alongside catch-up and On Demand TV, Virgin Media customers are already able to rent hundreds of the latest blockbusters from Virgin TV and subscribe to Sky Movies, all available in HD.

Paul Farrell, Vice President of Commercial at Virgin Media, said: “Our message is simple, broadband matters.  If you want to get connected to Ireland’s fastest broadband network, check out Virgin Media".

 David Shanahan, Chief Executive Officer, County Tipperary Chamber of Commerce added: “This is wonderful news for Clonmel residents and businesses.“We are in the middle of a remarkable transformation in Ireland’s digital landscape, and Virgin Media’s overall investment programme will play an important role in ensuring that our town are fully equipped to meet the challenges of the digital age in which we live.”