Tipperary accent sweeter than our GAA rivals!

Tipp v Galway - this time *we* win!

Tipperary accent

Speak with a Tipperary accent? Shout it loud!

Tipperary voices are some of the sweetest in Ireland – it’s official!

Well… at least more people want to listen to a Tipperary person speak than someone from our GAA rivals in Galways or Kilkenny! (OK it’s not winning an All Ireland but we’ll take what we can get this summer...)

A new poll has revealed this week how the accents of all Irish counties rate when it comes to sexiness! 

The Lovin.ie poll rates us Tipp folk at number 13 out of 32 while Kilkenny speakers are far behind at 19th and them lads in Galway rate just 25th. 

Sadly for the people of Laois they have the least sexy accent in Ireland, according to the poll, but good news if you’re from Derry – your voice is number 1!

It begs the question – what part of our county has the sexiest Tipperary accent? Comment and let us know! 

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