Unique recycling initiative in Cashel to help fund playground

Cashel Zero Waste

Cashel Zero Waste

Cashel Playground Development Group committee members

Zero Waste Cashel has teamed up, in a unique way, with the newly formed Cashel Playground Development Group to assist in its fundraising activities.

has teamed up, in a unique way, with the newly formed Cashel Playground Development Group to assist in its fundraising activities.

Specific waste material can be collected and exchanged for cash.

Currently there are just three types of waste packaging that can be collected in the programme in Cashel. These are McVitie's biscuit wrappers and nibbles packs, Garnier personal care and beauty packaging and caps and Ella's Kitchen baby food pouches and snack wrappers including caps.

When specific quantities are collected they are sent off to Terracycle, recycling partners of Zero Waste Cashel, who will then in turn pay the Cashel Playground Development Group.

Terracycle partner with producers to implement packaging waste collection schemes and have just recently launched in Ireland following great success in Canada and the US.

It is hoped to set up a number of drop off points for the packaging waste along with the current drop off point in the new Zero Waste Cashel office at 67 Main St. Cashel.

Zero Waste Cashel Project Manager Derry O'Donnell said: "This programme is a win win for everyone in Cashel. The Playground Development Group will get much needed funds, people will be able to support the fundraising at no extra cost while having less waste to dispose of and everyone will have increased awareness of the value of resources that might otherwise have gone to landfill or ended up polluting our rivers and seas.

“This is a great opportunity for children to get involved with. They will see first hand the tangible benefits of treating waste as a resource rather than something to be discarded and forgotten about. Their efforts will be rewarded by moving a step closer to a playground the town can be proud of."

The Cashel Playground Development Group have a number of fundraising initiatives in the pipeline and have also set up a fundraising page on GoFundMe.com for anyone who wants to support the project with a financial donation.

Cashel Playground Development Group Committee member, Declan Burgess, expressed his excitement working with Zero Waste Cashel.

Declan said: "Cashel Playground Development has put in months of hard work and planning for this new and improved playground. We're exploring all aspects and doing huge amounts of research so Cashel gets a playground they can be proud of. The whole community of Cashel needs and deserves a top class, inclusive and fun playground."

The clean dry waste packaging from Garnier and Ella's Kitchen can be dropped into the Zero Waste Cashel office at 67 Main Street, across the road from SuperValu. Please don't bring any other waste except the items mentioned above. For more information about Zero Waste Cashel or to subscribe to the newsletter visit www.zerowastecashel.ie or phone Derry O'Donnell on 0863191673. You will find Cashel Playground Development on Facebook or Mark Fitzell (Chairperson) on (086) 0764160.