Tipperary has highest level of false breath tests – 385%

Garda Scandal

Tipperary Garda Division had by far the highest number of ‘false’  breath tests, it has been revealed.

A report released yesterday show a massive 385% difference between the number of breath tests actually carried out and the number recorded on the Garda PULSE computer system.

The difference is the number of tests recorded on the Drager breathaliser system when compared with the PULSE records.

The Tipperary Garda division recorded the highest discrepency rate at 385%, compared to a national rate of 71%.

The highest discrepency was found in the Tipperary garda division (338%) while the lowest discrepency was identified in Wexford (18%).

While the vast majority of Garda divisions show a discrepancy of between 2% and 4% Tipperary at 13% and Kilkenny/ Carlow at 7% are well ahead of most of the country.

Nationally, Assistant Commissioner O'Sullivan found 3,498,400 breath test were recorded on the garda Pulse system while the records from the Drager breathalyser devices showed 2,040,179 tests were carried out.