Cashel ' energy saving' public lighting to be re-assessed

Cashel ' energy saving' public lighting to be re-assessed

New energy efficient public lighting in Cashel are to be assessed by a lighting designer.

As Tipperary County Council sets out it's programme of upgrading old Son/ Sox Lights to more efficient LED lights in various locations Cllr Tom Wood has called into question the quality of the new lights which according to the council, “will help towards improving the quality, efficiency and reliability of streetlights while also meeting binding energy efficient targets.”

In a letter to Donal Murphy, Roads Department, Cllr Wood wrote: “the general feeling re: new lighting is that it is inferior to the old system as regards quality. This is the situation at Kings Croft in Cashel since the new lighting was installed in August 2016. When gardai responded to a recent call from the estate they made reference to the poor quality of the lighting while residents said they never had intruders when the old system was in place because the area was well lit. Now its like a flash lamp shining onto a spot at the bottom of the pole and very unsatisfactory with residents concerned for safety.”

Acknowledging the correspondence Mr Murphy advised Cllr Wood that the lighting designer with Airtricity has been asked to assess that the lights installed are adequately lighting the footpaths and roads.

“Led lights were installed in a number of locations and to date no complaints were received. Tipperary County Council is committed to reducing energy use, increasing sustainability and offering our citizens and businesses a better quality of light,” he concluded.