Cyber bullying - Tipperary students get interesting findings in survey

Cyber bullying - Tipperary students get interesting findings in survey

Loreto Clonmel students Isha Apte, Chloe Liew and Farrah Youssef.


Loreto Secondary School students Chloe Liew, Isha Apte and Farrah Youssef carried out a survey in the Clonmel Youth Information Centre in Upper Irishtown as part of their community involvement work for the Bronze Gaisce Award. 

The girls surveyed their peers on social media usage, with the intention that this study would act as a framework for other schools and youth organisations to carry out further studies. 

The group surveyed were aged 15 to 18 and all questionnaires were responded to anonymously.

Chloe, Isha and Farrah's survey revealed that most young people - 36% - get their information from the internet. Traditional media fared badly, with only 12% of respondents seeking radio, print media or television for information. 

It seems that many young people access social media at weekends, more so than weekday. 73% of young people use social media at the weekends. 

In terms of the prevalence of cyber bullying, 35% of respondents said they never saw cyberbullying online. No respondents said that they always come across cyberbullying online. 

A high 35% claim they sometimes come across cyberbullying online. 

The most popular social media platforms in the Loreto are number one, Snapchat and number two, Facebook, followed in terms of popularity by YouTube, Instagram, Skype, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

Isha, Chloe and Farrah's survey suggested that young people find a lot of information from uncensored sources such as social media and the internet. 

New apps have overtaken older apps in popularity and Snapchat is now more popular than Facebook. 

Another interesting discovery was that young people used social media between 7am-12pm on weekdays. 

Chloe, Isha and Farrah were surprised that not many people came across cyberbullying, with no one at all saying they witnessed cyberbullying all the time. 

On a positive note they were happy to see that cyberbullying may not be a big issue in their school.