Tipperary man Martin Fogarty caught up in Las Vegas shooting carnage

Tipperary man Martin Fogarty caught up in Las Vegas shooting carnage

Martin Fogarty from Clogheen who is home safely in Austin Texas after being caught up in the Las Vegas shooting.

A Tipperary man living in the United States is safely home in Texas with his family after being caught up in the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Clogheen man Martin Fogarty was staying in the Mandalay Hotel where the shooter Stephen  Paddock carried out the atrocity.

Nearly sixty people were killed and over five hundred injured in the worst mass shooting in US history when Paddock fired on concert-goers from the thirty second floor of the hotel.

Mr Fogarty's family in Clogheen and Clonmel were shocked to hear of the shooting on television as they knew Martin was in Las Vegas with his American born wife Amber and staying in the same hotel for a conference.

Martin works for a financial institution in Austin, Texas, and was attending the conference in Vegas with colleagues.

Martin Fogarty with his children Grace and Colin on his arrival back at Austin airport following the shooting in Las Vegas.

However Martin put his family's fear at ease when he contacted them to say he was safe and was planning to return to Texas.

"We were so frightened", said his sister Caroline today. "We knew he was in Vegas and staying in that hotel as he was sending his photographs before this happened. But then he kept in touch with us all day to keep us updated".

It was an upsetting time for Martin's parents Eddie and Breda at their home in Fr. Sheehy Terrace in Clogheen, for sisters Caroline and Sharon in Clogheen and Jennifer who lives in Clonmel.

Caroline said that Martin's boss, who was staying the same  hotel, had heard the shooting when it started and rang Martin and told him to stay where he was and be careful.

However sometime later he was taken from the hotel with other guests and removed to the basement of another nearby hotel, the Tropicana.

Martin's wife Amber, originally from Philadelphia, was with him in Vegas but had returned home to Austin before the shooting. "She was so worried when she heard about the awful events but relieved when Martin rang to say he was okay", said Caroline.

Thirty eight year Martin has been living in Texas for the past ten years and became a US citizen in recent weeks. He and his wife Amber and two children, Grace, aged 10, and Colin, 6, live in Austin.

Before he moved abroad, Martin worked in Cahir House Hotel and then spent some time in London.

Caroline said her family had been inundated with messges of goodwill since news of Martin first broke. "People have been so kind and ringing to see how we are", she said.

In a post on social media, Caroline had said - "Thank you to everyone for your messages & calls today about what happened in Vegas in the early hours. Martin is finally back in his hotel room in The Mandalay bay, his work conference is obviously cancelled so he's gathering his bags and will be Austin bound in a matter of hours (massive sigh of relief).

"Violence like this is sadly a part of daily life but to have a loved-one right there in the midst of it is incredibly frightening. Martin, surrounded by terror, fear, chaos and uncertainty this morning got himself together to be interviewed by TV & radio newscasters and was broadcast on national TV here at home, He did this with great calmness and professionalism that you'd think it was his job. "I'm incredibly proud of Him for how well he did this. He's my Hero! 

Martin himself had tweeted after the shooting - "Just got back into my hotel room. The mood is so incredibly sad and somber! It’s really hard to take in the events of the last 10 hours".