Campaign for cardiac care takes to the streets of Clonmel

Hand on Heart

Andy Laste, Emergency Medical Training Solutions with Tipp hurling star Seamus Kennedy at the awareness event at Clonmel's Main Guard to campaign for around-the-clock cardiac care for the south east.

The Hand On Heart crew took to the streets of Clonmel recently to spread the word on the continuing fight for 24/7 Cardiac Care for the south east.  

They were assisted by Tipperary hurling star Seamus Kennedy, who got proceedings underway aided by volunteers from the Order Of Malta, Civil Defence and other local first responders and trainers who were on hand to provide demonstration of emergency Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). 

Hand On Heart also invited locals to sign a voting declaration, where people give a written commitment to withdraw support from the government or other TDs at the next election where they feel these politicians have failed to challenge the government to deliver 24/7 Cardiac Care to the south east.  

The political significance was not lost on local supporter and TD Mattie McGrath, who turned up for an impromptu lesson in CPR from cardiac trainers.

"The current situation is a disgrace", he said, and he is encouraging people all over the south east to keep fighting for this health reform. 

The PRO for Health Equality For the South East (HEFSE), Matt Shanahan, said the response on the streets in Clonmel was "amazing", with over 1000 voting declarations signed within a two-hour period.

"People in Clonmel, South Tipp and the wider area are very concerned about the cardiac situation and are extremely angry at the government and the leading opposition party, who could add pressure to deliver this service immediately", he said.  

"I think the government is seriously underestimating the anger and depth of feeling on this issue  - many candidates in the next election will wish they had paid closer attention and done a lot more to deliver equity in cardiac services for the people of the south east".

Hand On Heart will continue its ongoing street activity to highlight the continuing cardiac health care deficits in the south east.

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