Tipperary Cllr Seamus Morris resigns from Sinn Fein 

Tipperary Cllr Seamus Morris resigns from Sinn Fein 

Cllr Seamus Morris

Co. Tipperary councillor Seamus Morris has resigned from Sinn Fein following a bitter dispute with members of the party in the constituency. 

The Nenagh based councillor, who was Sinn Fein's Tipperary candidate in the 2016 General Election, said in a statement he issued last night that he was resigning because he claimed adequate attention and party process had not been applied to his formal complaint to the Party regarding what he described as a "number of serious unfounded and untruthful allegations" made by elements in the party. 

He said these unaddressed allegations had a desperate impact on his family and himself over the last number of months. He claimed that due process had not been followed to resolve the situation.

The internal party strife between Cllr Morris and other members of the Sinn Finn party in Co. Tipperary was made public in June when a vote was passed at a Sinn Fein Comhairle Ceantair meeting to expel him from the local party organisation. 

Sinn Fein party headquarters, however, confirmed the Comhairle Ceantair hadn't the power to expel a member from the Tipperary party organisation or the party. 

Cllr Morris condemned the motion as "illegal" and claimed a "rogue element" in the party in Tipperary was responsible.  He also said it was an attempt to "bully" him. 

In a statement posted on its website, the Sinn Fein party said Cllr Morris’s resignation came as no surprise to the party at this time.

"Contrary to Councillor Morris’s public comments, there was an exhaustive review process put in place at his request.

"The party found no evidence of a smear campaign against Cllr Morris." 

"As part of that process complaints were made against Councillor Morris regarding his behaviour towards fellow party members in the constituency.

"The party had been looking into these complaints.  Cllr Morris was due to answer the complaints last week. He sought an extension of time. That was granted and he was due to answer the complaints in writing this evening," the statement added.