Quick Tips to Reduce your waste this Christmas

Zero Waste Cashel

Quick Tips to Reduce your waste this Christmas

Some Christmas wrapping paper can not be recycled

Zero Waste Cashel have some tips and inspiration for us to keep waste to a minimum this Christmas!

We have too much stuff, kids have too much stuff. Buy experiences instead of stuff. Tickets to a concert, a match, an outdoor adventure activity etc. They’ll remember a new experience. They won’t remember the cheap plastic toy that broke after a week.

Support local retailers rather than buying online. You’ll have less packaging to dispose of and you’re supporting the local economy.

Looking for a stocking filler or a secret Santa gift? A reusable takeaway coffee cup makes an ideal gift and helps reduce the 2 million disposable cups a day going into Irish landfills. Some cafes offer a discount when you bring your own cup.

Use rechargeable batteries. Give a gift of a battery recharger which will save someone money for years to come.

Reuse wrapping paper or try Furoshiki, the Japanese art of wrapping gifts in reusable fabric. There’s plenty of Youtube video demonstrations. Avoid metallic wrapping paper, it can’t be recycled.