Tipperary illegal dumping - County Council promises crackdown in 2018

Tipperary illegal dumping - County Council promises crackdown in 2018

Inspectors will be allowed to call to people's homes to see how they are disposing of household waste.


Tipperary County Council is to be armed with new powers to clamp down on illegal dumping  next year.

New legislation will come into force which will allow local authority inspectors to go to people's homes and investigate how they are disposing of household waste 

Director of Services Sean Keating told a meeting of Tipperary County Council that  a lot of the dumping is being carried out by people who don’t avail of refuse collection services.

He informed members who had tabled motions on waste disposal and illegal dumping, that there would be measures in the new powers that would allow inspectors to call to houses and ask  householders to produce receipts for their rubbish disposal.

Mr Keating said illegal dumping was a scourge across the county and the new powers would allow council officers to ask people how are they disposing of their waste.

It was already illegal for householders to give their waste to  somebody who was not authorised  to take away waste.

He said CCTV cameras were located around the county  and the council was following up some incidents in terms of prosecuting. When the council received reports of illegal dumping the council follow them up, he told members.

Cllr. Marie Murphy called on  Tipperary County Council  to review the details of the volume and costs of disposing of illegal dumping during the last three  years. 

She said the the review should be the basis to consider how resources and approaches can be a cost effective way to detecting and preventing illegal dumping.

Cllr. Martin Browne called on the council to consider providing huge bins in certain areas to try and cut out the level of indiscriminate dumping in the county.

He felt it would be more economical to do that rather than have to meet the costs of cleaning up sites that are used for illegal dumping.