Tipperary celebration for singing legend Paddy O'Brien's 30 years on the road

Tipperary celebration for singing legend Paddy O'Brien's 30 years on the road

Paddy O'Brien with John and Moira O'Leary and Cllr Martin Lonergan.


Hugely popular singer Paddy O’Brien celebrated thirty years on the road at a wonder event in the Glenview Lounge, Goatenbridge, where his career started all those years ago.

A huge crowd turn out to honour a singer who has become a legend in Tipp and beyond.

There were tributes and presentations at a very special event.

Local councillor Martin Lonergan kicked off proceedings with a great speech.

He said – “I am delighted to have been asked to say a few words here in the Glenview Lounge by my next door neighbours, John and Moria O’Leary in honour of the man here with us, Paddy O’Brien.

Paddy is celebrating 30 years as a professional entertainer this year and tonight is the final date of his celebration year. It is truly ironic that the final event takes place here in the Glenview Lounge where it all started many years ago!

Paddy played here on this stage for the first time in 1983. Shortly before that, he had formed a group called TELSTAR and at the time they had played in all the local venues, for example The Cats Bar in Millerary, Kilmanahan, the Silver Sands, The Hive to name but a few.

He has been playing to full houses everyplace they entertained. They became so popular that in 1987 the group became a household name and became a fulltime professional band which were very successful. His first appearance on Television was on Live at 3 with Thelma Mansfield and Derek Davis shortly thereafter.

Then in 1988 he won the National Gold Star Award and represented Ireland in Holland. As we all know, it is always a great honour to represent your Country in any form and on any stage.

Over the last 30 years, Paddy has recorded 31 Albums and 6 CD’s, one of which was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. Paddy has stood the test of time which is the greatest test of all.

It is great to have the privilege, on behalf of all his loyal supporters of honouring him here tonight and as I said, here where it all began, and too represent all those who have braved the inclement weather to be here”.

He then called on two of his longest and loyal supporters, Alice and Richie Downey to make the presentation to Paddy of a trophy made of old oak bog kindly sponsored by the O’Leary Family, here in Goatenbridge.