Global Citizenship Flag is the goal for Boys’ School Green School Committee

Global Citizenship Flag is the goal for Boys’  School Green School Committee

Green School Committee

St John the Baptist Boys National School elected their new Green Schools Committee recently.

This time the school is working towards a Global Citizenship Flag.

In previous themes the school has explored issues such as waste, litter, energy, water, travel and biodiversity. Most of these themes were related to issues in the school school whereas Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste issues will cross international boundaries.

This theme will enable the school to discover how their work on the Green-Schools programme has positively influenced people and their environments worldwide. It will also allow them to revise the Litter and Waste theme with the whole school.

To successfully implement the Green-Schools programme for Global Citizenship Litter & Waste the school will focus on the following actions and targets for Global Citizenship Litter & Waste, raising awareness on how looking after our environment aids people all over the world, promoting and facilitating ‘Active Citizenship’, integrating the Global Citizenship Litter & Waste ethos into our wider Green-Schools programme and making an improvement in the Litter & Waste management in our school.

The overall aim of the Global Citizenship Litter & Waste theme is to create a knowledge and understanding about the link between environmental degradation and human rights.

Pupils will learn about sustainable development and will be enabled to examine the world’s interdependency and development in a critical manner in order to create real change by acting locally and effecting a more equitable, just and sustainable world for all.

Pictured above is the St John the Baptist Boys School Green Schools Committee: Back Row - Ms Sinead Mullins, Adam Hayde, Karl Doherty, John O’Mahoney, David Matias, Luke Doyle, Robert Kelly, Mrs Sharon Sheahan (Green Schools Co-ordinator). Front Row - Dylan O’Gorman Ryan, Johnny Delaney, Callum Laverty, Lucas Morrissey, Tudor Mereacre, Sight Saifullah, Kevin Byrnes, David McGrath.