New On-Street Recycling Bins for town centre

Zero Waste Cashel

Cashel recycling bins

One of the new recycling bins in Cashel

New bins have been installed around Cashel town which allow for the separation of waste and recyclable materials.

The new bins have two compartments, one for general waste and one for recyclables such as empty plastic drink bottles, aluminium drink cans, and clean dry paper.

"This will be a great addition to the town", said Derry O'Donnell, Project Manager of Zero Waste Cashel, "with over 350,000 visitors coming to visit the Rock of Cashel last year, these new bins allow them and locals alike the opportunity to properly segregate waste while on the street. Valuable resources such as aluminium can be fully recycled into new cans instead of ending up in a landfill site."

People recycling at home should check the new recycling list at which lists everything you can put in your recycling bin.