Household rubbish being dumped in bin at Clonmel scenic spot

Marlfield rubbish

Household rubbish is being dumped on a regular basis in the bin at Marlfield Lake, Clonmel.

The use of the litter bin at the bird-feeding area at the pondside in Marlfield, Clonmel is causing concern and annoyance, according to Bernard Lennon, secretary of the Marlfield Village Association. 

"The bin is for the use of small amounts of litter and is not a collection or drop-off point for household rubbish", he says. 

"There has been a continual misuse of this facility recently, as some misinformed people are using it to dispose of small amounts of general household waste. 

"The village volunteers have to clean and remove rubbish from the bin on at least two occasions each weekend to ensure that vermin do not feast on its contents". 

However Mr. Lennon also says that the people using the bin at Marlfield Lake in this way are at least acting in an environmentally-friendly way, instead of dumping the rubbish over the nearest ditch. 

He says the Marlfield Village Association is now asking Tipperary County Council to provide a skip at an agreed location for people to use outside of public disposal hours.