Easter in the Churches

Ss Peter and Paul’s, The Friary and Church of the Resurrection

Ss Peter and Paul’s, The Friary and Church of the Resurrection


Masses: 9.30am Church of Resurrection; 1pm The Friary

Penitential Service at 7.30pm at The Friary

We join together in prayer and repentance to celebrate the Easter Triduum.

Holy Thursday

Morning prayer: 9.30am Church of Resurrection; 10am The Friary

Mass of the Lord’s Supper: 7pm Church of Resurrection; 7pm The Friary

There will be no Mass in Ss Peter and Paul’s

(Please return Trocaire boxes at these celebrations)

Good Friday

Morning prayer: 9.30am Church of Resurrection; 10am The Friary

Family Stations of the Cross: 12 noon Church of Resurrection

Solemn Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion: 3pm The Friary

Stations of the Cross: 7.30pm The Friary

No services in Ss Peter & Paul’s.

(The collection for the upkeep of Holy Places will be taken up)

Holy Saturday

Morning prayer; 9.30am Church of Resurrection; 10am The Friary

The Easter Vigil Liturgy commences in the grounds of Old St Mary’s Church at 8pm. All parishes in the town are coming together for the lighting of the Paschal Fire. This year Ss Peter and Paul’s parishioners will join the Franciscans and proceed to the Friary Church, where the Easter Vigil continues at 8.30pm.

Easter Sunday

Masses: 10am Church of Resurrection; 11am and 12.30pm, Ss Peter and Paul’s; 8am and 11.30am at The Friary

The usual collection for the support of the priests of the parish will take place at all Masses at Easter.

St. Oliver’s


Masses at 10am and 7.30 pm

7.30 pm Penitential Service/ Confessions in the Friary Church.

Holy Thursday

Evening Mass of The Lord’s Supper at 7.30pm (Procession with Holy Oils, participation of Eucharistic Ministers, Holy Communion under both kinds)

Adoration at the Altar of Repose to finish at 10pm

Good Friday

12 noon – Special Celebration of the Stations of the Cross for Children.

Children need to be accompanied by parents/guardians

3pm - Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion.

Collection for the Holy Places will take place during the Celebration of the Lord’s Passion.

4 – 5pm Confessions

8pm - Prayer around the Cross.

Holy Saturday

Confessions 11.30am – 12.30pm and 6.30pm – 7.30 pm.

Easter Vigil at 8.30pm beginning with the Blessing of the Paschal Fire in Old St. Mary’s at 8pm.

Easter Sunday

Masses at 9am and 12 noon.

Church of Ireland


Service for Spy Wednesday in Tullaghmeelan Church


Celebration of Holy Communion for Maundy Thursday in Old St. Mary’s at 8pm. This will include the washing of feet, for which volunteers are needed.

Good Friday

Liturgy in St Paul’s, Cahir at 9.30am

Liturgy in Old St Mary’s at 12 noon - The Seven Last Words – this series of readings, prayer and music lasts 3 hours and people are welcome to attend for the duration, or to come and go during that time. This liturgy represents the 3 hours Jesus was on the cross.

Liturgy in Holy Trinity, Fethard at 8pm

Saturday, Easter Eve

Ecumenical lighting of the Paschal Candle at Old St Mary’s, followed by the Easter Vigil with renewal of Baptismal Vows and Holy Communion and Night Watch – the watch lasts until the last person goes home!

Sunday, Easter Day

8.30am – Holy Communion – Old St Mary’s, Clonmel

9.30am – Holy Communion – St Paul’s, Cahir

9.30am- Holy Communion - Holy Trinity, Fethard

11am –Holy Communion – Old St Mary’s, Clonmel

St. Mary’s Irishtown

Wednesday, 20th April

7.30pm, Penitential Service at The Friary (All priests of the Clonmel area will be present)

Holy Thursday

10am Morning Prayer

5pm Children’s Mass

7.30pm Mass of the Last Supper

(Washing of feet, Re–commitment of Ministers, Reception of Oils. Transfer of Eucharist to the Altar of Repose)

8.30pm – 10pm Silent Adoration

Good Friday

10am Morning Prayer

11am Children’s Stations of the Cross

12 noon Adult Stations of the Cross

3pm Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

7.30 pm Prayer around the Cross

Holy Saturday

10am Morning Prayer Reconciliation Service

4– 5pm Confessions

8pm Blessing of the Paschal Fire at Old St. Mary’s

(all Churches in Clonmel gather together)

8.30 p.m. (approximately) Easter Vigil and First Mass of the Resurrection

Easter Sunday

Masses at 9.30 a.m. in Marlfield and 10.30 am and 12 noon in St. Mary’s

Monday 25th – Saturday 30th

There will be no 7.45 am Mass. Mass at 10 am as usual.