Soldiers provide huge help to women’s refuge

Cuan Saor

Cuan Saor

3 Jervis Place,


Dear Editor,

I feel very saddened to hear that Kickham Barracks may be facing closure and compelled to write to you by way of objection in the strongest possible terms. Cuan Saor has provided a range of services including emergency accommodation for women and their children who flee domestic violence in the region. We have operated in Clonmel for the last eleven years.

Our service which is managed by a voluntary board, seeks funding on an annual basis to provide this service and we rely hugely on community back up. The military personnel in Kickham Barracks have been a tremendous support to us down through the years. They regularly host fundraising ventures to support the ongoing costs of the organisation; they have provided us with the use of catering equipment, tables and chairs for awareness raising events and not only that they delivered and set up these venues also; our service is a 24hr service and during the last few years they have transported our staff to and from work in the floods and in the frost and snow. They provide this to us in a professional manner, with dignity to the staff and are in every respect dependable.

Notwithstanding this, as a citizen of Clonmel I have watched the Soldiers wade through the floods in making sure that residents, students etc of the flood inflicted areas of the town get home safely. I have seen them pile sandbags as flood walls in all weathers and it is fair to say that the loss of the barracks will be detrimental to the social fabric of the town.

It will be a major economic loss to the region and I wish to appeal to all concerned to rethink this decision.


Geraldine Mullane

Project Leader, Cuan Saor Women’s Refuge