South Tipp Council calls ‘time’ on Donohill landfill

South Tipperary County Council is calling ‘time’ on the landfill at Donohill.

South Tipperary County Council is calling ‘time’ on the landfill at Donohill.

While it has been known for some time that space was running out at the refuse facility, at the recent meeting of the county council members were told that space is predicted to finally run out this summer. The dump is expected to close in July, leaving the county without a landfill facility.

Acting Director of Services Jimmy Harney asked councillors to approve a E1.5 million loan to carry out environmental closure works at the landfill.

“The landfill has served this council, people, and business people well since 1989 when it first opened. It was always going to come to an end. Our best estimate is that there will be no further space from July next.”

While Mr Harney said he could not give an exact date at this time the council have been monitoring the landfill closely over the last few months and are sure it will be full in July.

When the landfill closes South Tipp County Council will be obliged to carry out works under regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency. There will some temporary works carried out at first with a ‘final capping’ after about nine months.

Some works have been directed by the EPA but Mr Harney said he does not believe these are needed. A report has been sent to the EPA and he is awaiting a reply. In the case of those works not needing to be done then the total closure works bill will come to E1.2 million.Approval for the loan was proposed by Cllr Denis Leahy and seconded by Cllr Siobhan Ambrose.

Council Chairman Cllr John Crosse, said the landfill had been a “huge issue” from even before his time on the council. At that time Cllr Michael Fitzgerald got as much as he could for the local community, he said, also paying tribute to Mr Harney who visited the community when there were problems and issues. “The community worked with the council in a proactive way to ensure all their concerns there were taken on-board. The community has benefitted greatly.”

Mr Harney went on to tell the meeting that following the closure of the landfill at Donohill the council was lucky to have the use of the waste transfer station at Waller’s Lot in Cashel, which will continue to accept residual waste and bulk transport it to other landfill facilities for disposal. The council will have to pay for this service but will “shop around” for the best value he assured the meeting.In relation to the proposed site for a new county landfill at Hardbog, Mr Harney said the matter is on a waiting list to be heard before the Supreme Court.