Phil Prendergast ready for challenge of bigger constituency

European Election

European Election

Labour MEP for Ireland South and candidate for the forthcoming European Parliament elections, Phil Prendergast, has said she is ready to take on the challenge of a bigger constituency for the May 2014 elections.

The redrawing of the electoral boundaries, to take account of the reduction of Ireland’s seat allocation from 12 to 11 after the accession of Croatia to the European Union,brings Clare,Kilkenny,Carlow , Wexford and Wicklow into her area.

“I was born and reared in Ballyraggert on the border of Kilkenny and Carlow so I am obviously delighted that these are now included” she said.

MEP Prendergast said she was from a rural background and understood where people were coming from regarding their fears for services and their battle to retain such vital services.

“I think my record of hard work both as a legislator in the European Parliament on the Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee where I have been responsible for a number of important pieces of legislation particularly concerning workers rights and consumer rights will stand to me in the forthcoming election,” she said.

“I have visited practically every town and village in Ireland South over the past three years, I’ve listened and I feel I know what people want from their MEPs and I feel I am the most qualified person for the job.

“I am fired up and ready to go for this election and I intend to run a red-blooded campaign to retain this seat on the back of my record of achievement and hard work throughout Ireland South.” insisted the former Clonmel based nurse.

“The Constituency Committee’s report has really blown Ireland South wide open for the European Parliament elections in May 2014. It is impossible to predict what will happen in the new 4-seater but certainly I would see this as a game changer in the battle to continue to represent Ireland South in the European Parliament,” she said.