Brave Sinead’s letter to employers

Job seeker, Sinead Kearns
To all employers,

To all employers,

My name is Sinead Kearns. I am 34 years of age and I live in Clonmel. I have a disability, Down’s Syndrome, but I don’t let my disability get in the way of what I am good at.

I have completed many different computer courses. I have had work experience with many different companies. But as yet I still have no permanent job.

I realise there’s a recession and lots of people are unemployed as well. But I think it’s because of my disability that I am unable to secure a full-time job.

Personally speaking I think that many employers out there are not giving me a chance to prove myself to them, and to show them what I am capable of doing.

There are many schemes available to employers to take someone on. The schemes that I am interested in are the Wage Subsidy Scheme or an internship.

With the Wage Subsidy Scheme, I am entitled to keep my Disability Allowance and work a minimum of 21 hours a week. The Government will pay €5.30 and the employer will only have to pay €3.35 for the working hour.

I am pleading to all employers out there to give me a chance. I am a fast learner and hard worker and willing to work at anything.

Sinead Kearns, 18 Ard Gaoithe Drive, Clonmel.